Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out, Out, Damn Spot

Last night, I was looking after my twin nephew and neice, who were both sick with green snifflies and a cough. Also, I had my little girl who was developing a bit of a cough herself. She was distracted by our next door neighbour and ended up watching videos and playing trains. The twins were happily playing with toys and eating dinner when the girl started to cry. I tried to give her milk to soothe her, but she was not to be consoled. After crying for 45 minutes and being offered milk, juice, yogurt, a bath - I gave her a rub down of eucalyptus to clear her chest and sinuses, and put lavender on her feet. I dosed her with some tylenol after her parent's insistence and tried to rock her. My sister (bless her soul) came up to take her from me and after more rocking and singing she finally fell into a slumber after 15 more minutes. She was still recovering from crying during her sleep. Her brother started to get tired shortly after and both were in bed by 8:30. During this time, I managed to make spaghetti for today's lunch, feed my little girl, get her to drink soy milk and get her settled into bed. She was a bit restless, but after a rubdown with eucalyptus and peppermint and lavender on her feet, I turned out the lights. I asked her if it was okay if she slept alone. She said yes, and I got up and got the urge to clean.

It's been awhile since I've cleaned this intensely, but I tackled 3 bathrooms fully. Bathtubs, toilets and all. I found a rust stain on my countertop, and all of the natural potions I had did not make it budge a millimetre. So I employed a toothbrush and toothpaste. While getting out the spot, and the rest of the cleaning, I got to reflecting, like I tend to do. This is what people mean when they do something and find cathartic release. Exercise, baking, sex, cleaning. I scrubbed that dark orange rust stain out, and while I scrubbed, I thought about the dynamics of human relationships and how they are so very very interesting.

I have an incredible relationship with my sister. I used to think that this was just how it was between sisters, and have found this to be uncommon. I feel lucky to have someone who will take my place whenever it is needed, without ever being asked. And the feeling is completely mutual. I know, that I'll always look after my sister.

I did all the dishes, packed lunches, cleaned the kitchen, replaced towels and took a deserved shower. As the water rolled down my body, cleansing me inside and out - I thought, this is what it feels like to be a super hero.

Unfortunately, I stumbled out of the shower because my sciatica is acting up. I doubt super hero's have these issues.

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