Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Stuff

I love shopping for baby stuff. You can have your Louise Vuitton and Prada shoes, I go gaga over soft organic blankets and tiny little mittens. I die when I hold teeny tiny little shoes in my hands and do not even get me started on the clever little items only admirable by a mom (juice box holders so that kids don't squeeze them all over themselves - GENIUS!) I think a reason why I want to have many children, is so that I never have to stop buying baby stuff (and also get to wear my adult ballet slippers to the mommy and me ballet classes - and yes, I would take my son to ballet).

I'm always on the look out for 'the' baby store. The store that has it all - and I come close often, but usually am disappointed by something.

I hate crowded stores. When I walk in to shop, I want to feel relaxed. I want a sales associate to be around IN CASE I have questions, but not to hover over me and ask me if I need help a bajillion times.

So, because I, like many, am a sucker for marketing - I love shopping online. Give your product a cutesy name like "Snuggle snaggle - the softest organic cotton blanket" and make it a super cute baby green color and my credit card will be pulled out faster than you can process it.

One of my favorite stores is Jamtots. It's where we got our daughter's lovely little cloth diapers, which I continue to love and rave about. It's where we purchased very practical and clever things. It's where I am shopping RIGHT NOW!

My husband, of course, being the practical person that he is calls it all baby crap. Even when I make him feel the organic cotton, rub it on his stubbly face, he is not charmed. I demonstrate snack traps where cheerios cannot fall out, but baby hands can still get them (omg, GENIUS), he is not faltered. He remains undeterred, by teeny tiny baby shoes (we have some already) or cute striped and heart socks that I only wish came in my size. And GASP, he even has the GALL to say "I don't think we need that". If a heart could be broken over something so materialistic, mine would lay at his feet shattered into a million pieces.

I may look like a wreck, tired and exhausted on any given day. But underneath my pale pallor and dry skin, I am glowing and beaming with happiness when I see my little girl in her bright red cloth diapers. I smile a secret smile when I put on said striped and heart socks. And when I wrap my newborn baby in a brand new super snuggly snaggle blanket, my heart will swell and burst with undeniable joy. Parading my children in super cute finds is my crux. But it is one that I wear proudly.

Keep your Mom of the Year trophy - I've got bum balm to buy!

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Marcy said...

You've got Baby Legs, right? They make organic ones now, too. I LOVE these. Have 2 pairs for Donovan and am trying to keep myself from buying more. They're just way cute. And I think I'll use them more often than pants now, too, since they can protect his legs and knees when he's scooting around on the floor, without slipping around like pants do.