Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am offically Effed

I have never felt so confused, sad, weird, mad, angry, hungry, selfish, sleepy, tired, exhausted, grumpy, barfy, dizzy in my life. Seriously, I feel like a freak - and totally not myself.

I got a new haircut, that I realized, I have to upkeep! This realization was made when I was already out the door, in the car and halfway to work. Great....

I'm wearing maternity clothes full time now. None of this pretend I'm not pregnant shit... I'm pregnant, hormonal and fat!

I'm going to take tomorrow off, as I have a midwife appointment in the middle of the day. I guess that means I should get my shit together.

I'm craving empanada's like you wouldn't believe... but I won't make them myself. It's all very intense and all very very sad.

I feel like I'm the only crazy unreasonable bitch in the world today. And the fucked up thing is - I don't even care.

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