Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy birthday!

It is my sister's birthday tomorrow... she'll be 26! I'll enjoy the next 2 months that we're only TWO years apart instead of three. Tee hee.

My sister is more than anyone could ever ask for, from a sister. She is the ever calm stream of reality, realistic and sure. She doesn't start shit, but will throw down in a second if I am in harm's way. She loves and cares for my child as if it is her own, and often reminds me, the mom on what to do.

She is a gracious spirit, always there when I need her, and even when I don't think I need her. She's been there, ever since my mom brought her home in a pink fluffy package (I promptly slapped her though - and probably got a slapping of my own).

She's been my forever playmate - getting into trouble with me - getting out of trouble for me. She never told on me growing up - she'd call me when my parents were looking for me - and warn me of danger. She knows my moods, and always helps me, even when she's feeling less than stellar. Who else could watch me struggle through labour, fail, and still be proud (okay, maybe my husband - but we're not talking about him here).

Everyone loves her, because she is a super spirit. And I am lucky to have her in my life. So lucky. Wherever life takes me, no matter who I become, I will always be the older sister of K. And she the younger sister of me. In this way, I am grounded to the earth - reminded of where I came from, and appreciate the journey, no matter how difficult it has been. I know that life will always be managable, happy and amazing because she is with me. On the rollercoaster of life - I am fortunate, so fortunate - to have someone cheer me on, hold my hand through the high/scary parts, and cry with me through the low - and laugh with me when we look at the photos afterwards.

Happy birthday lovely girl - I love you.

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Marie said...

VERY sweet ;) I've always, ALWAYS wished for a sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yours!